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A Better Definition of MBSE

Published by on January 27th, 2016.

There’s been a lot of debate in the systems engineering community about what model-based systems engineering means. We have given several presentations on the subject and there are a number of on-going LinkedIn threads. To some drawings are... Read More

Innoslate Available on NSERC

Published by on January 13th, 2016.

SPEC Innovations is proud to announce that Innoslate is now available through NSERC (Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center). NSERC is the Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center located in Dahlgren, VA. They provide access to systems engineering tools on US... Read More

How is the Word Model Defined?

Published by on December 17th, 2015.

Last week we discussed What a Model Means to a Systems Engineer. This week we are going to discuss common definitions of the word “model” and how does this knowledge help us as systems engineers. Merriam-Webster defines a... Read More

Rehearsing Oral Presentations

Published by on November 17th, 2015.

Oral presentations are one of the most important parts of winning a proposal. The more you and your team rehearse the more you will increase your win probability. Recognize this fact early in the proposal development process, and... Read More

Analysis of the DoD’s Risk Management Process

Published by on October 20th, 2015.

This article uses the Department of Defense Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Guide to analyze Innoslate’s capabilities and implementation of the DoD Risk Management Process. You will find answers to the questions: What are Innoslate’s risk management capabilities?... Read More

Innoslate 3.4 Release Full Lifecycle Management

Published by on September 22nd, 2015.

SPEC Innovations is pleased to announce the release of Innoslate 3.4. Easily Manage Diagrams in the New Diagram View Combine Physical/Functional Models with a New Consolidated Visualization Establish and Maintain Consistency with Configuration Management Learn more about the new... Read More