Dr. Steven Dam & Dr. Keith Taggart present at 100 Year Starship® 2012 Public Symposium

Published by on September 6, 2012 at 8:00 am.

Dr. Dam & Dr. Taggart will present five papers at the symposium held in Houston, Texas over September 13th through the 16th. Presented papers include:


  • Innoslate: An Integrated Program Management and Design Tool for the 100 year Starship Project.

    A look at how Innoslate can be used by a global audience to collect, collaborate, and design necessary capabilities on the path to starship development.

  • Design of a Positive Feedback Investment Cycle to Achieve a Lunar Habitat

    An analysis of how applying capability stepping stones can provide an achievable Return On Investment (ROI) for various industries across the stepping stone process.

  • Near Term Commercial Space Infrastructure

    A look into two design concepts for a commercial space station that is economically feasible, and would be the starting point for a space based economy.

  • More Permanent Commercial Space Infrastructure

    An analysis of utilizing a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) as a base providing mined minerals, human habitation, and more radiation protection than conventional methods.

  • Stages of Flight for a Star-Ship Program: Vision, Goals, and a Timeline

    An outline of a four stage timeline that move humanity beyond Earth’s orbit and into the stars.


Information about the symposium can be found at http://symposium.100yss.org/.