SPEC Innovations offers comprehensive research and strategies to support the entire systems lifecycle for aerospace programs.


SPEC Innovations provides systems engineering training and solutions supporting the development of systems engineering processes as well as services supporting traceability and thereby reducing risk. Our quality strategies accelerate your project’s timeline while reducing the cost of the project, making sure it stays on budget. In addition, we provide Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and simulation support on both operational and systems architectures.

Government organizations and large companies, such as NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have turned to us for solutions. We understand that you have teams of distributed people from different disciplines that need to collaborate. SPEC Innovations can assist your team throughout the process, from systems engineering consulting to systems engineering software.

Our solutions also help support requirements management, architecture processes, and program management for the aerospace industry.

Solutions for Aerospace

  • Systems Engineering

    SPEC Innovations is capable of applying systems engineering concepts throughout the lifecycle of complex aerospace programs.

  • Innoslate

    SPEC Innovations has developed a systems engineering and requirements management software solution designed for any industry’s complex program and is currently in use by NASA.

  • Software Engineering

    The SPEC Innovations’ software engineering team develops scalable applications capable of simulating and visualizing processes used for aerospace programs.