SPEC Innovations offers comprehensive research and strategies to support the entire systems lifecycle of any complex program.


SPEC Innovations provides services supporting traceability and allowing you to make accurate reports and reduce risk. Our quality strategies accelerate your project’s timeline while reducing the cost of the project, making sure it stays on budget. We also help your team collaborate through our systems engineering consulting services and our systems engineering software.

We have worked with government organizations, such as Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA. We deliver solutions to help combat national and global politics your organization faces and manage your requirements so you remain compliant.

Our solutions also help support requirements management, architecture processes, and program management for the government.

Solutions for Government

  • Systems Engineering

    SPEC Innovations is capable of applying systems engineering concepts throughout the lifecycle of complex government programs.

  • Innoslate

    SPEC Innovations has developed a systems engineering and requirements management software solution designed for any industry’s complex program and is currently in use by NASA.

  • Software Engineering

    The SPEC Innovations’ software engineering team develops scalable applications capable of simulating and visualizing processes used for government programs.

  • Assessment of Disaster Readiness Tool (ADRT)

    ADRT is a strategic concept and framework, which includes a measurable baseline assessment of a designated partner nation’s disaster readiness/resiliency level, supported by a strategic Disaster Management (Response) Plan (DMP/DRP) for improvement.

  • Contracts