Innoslate Available on NSERC

Published by on January 13, 2016 at 2:04 pm.

SPEC Innovations is proud to announce that Innoslate is now available through NSERC (Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center).

NSERC is the Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center located in Dahlgren, VA. They provide access to systems engineering tools on US Government/Department of Defense networks at the unclassified (U/FOUO) and classified (SECRET) level.

Innoslate is a collaborative solution for model-based systems engineering, requirements management/analysis, and DoDAF. The NSERC center enables users to access Innoslate on DoD-approved systems, thus enabling it for the use of unclassified and classified programs. Anyone in the US Government can use this facility, including NASA, DOE, and other organizations that are required to protect their data.

SPEC Innovations provides support for Innoslate on these networks and can collaborate through our US Navy contract to provide systems engineering services, as well as, access to Innoslate.

For more information and access to NSERC, please contact Amy McCain at Combat Systems Configuration Management Branch (V43), Warfare Systems Engineering and Integration Department.

Amy McCain
NSERC Business Requirements Manager
Work Phone: (540) 653-7455

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