Model-Based Systems Engineering: The Logical Approach

Published by on October 17, 2014 at 9:00 am.

Action DiagramIf you are engineering a complex, multidisciplinary project, model-based systems engineering is the only logical approach. The main thing is that the model-based approach allows everyone on the team to view the multiple timelines and the logical progression of events in the development of the project. It is also possible to try out different hypothetical scenarios in the design process to see how they affect the outcome. It allows your team to manage risks by pre-visualizing potential outcomes. It makes collaboration easier by enabling everyone to watch and contribute to the progression of the design work toward completion.

The best model-based systems include functional modeling which includes using graphical design to portray the process of developing a project through diagrams and charting. These techniques allow the team to plan a logical succession of steps to take maximum advantage of their capabilities and make the best use of time and resources within a deadline. The model-based system enables the design engineer to switch between different representations of the process like block diagrams, sequence diagrams, and state machine diagrams to account for different ways to examine the developing project.

Modeling software also includes tools for physical modeling. These tools allow the design engineers to follow the progression of the project from the block diagram stage, then to integrate technical drawings, detailed blueprints and scale models. Modeling includes operational context diagramming to detail the components of the system you are designing. The output of physical modeling includes the kind of information and documentation necessary for the procurement of resources to complete the project.

Innoslate software is a model-based systems engineering tool. It includes the resources to visualize, plan and test your project in a collaborative platform. It helps to bring problem elements together and work out the steps to develop a project in a logical and cost-saving way.  You can sign up for a free version at Then contact us to discuss your project.

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