New Features in Innoslate Webinar Summary and Q&A

Published by on March 9, 2015 at 9:00 am.

SPEC Innovations’ Founder and President, Steven H. Dam, Ph.D., ESEP, presented his vision for Innoslate and how he sees these new features fit within that vision on February 26th, 2015. He states that, “We [SPEC Innovations] needed a tool to help us be more productive and increase our value to society. Innoslate is that tool. Everyone who transforms data into information needs Innoslate. I want to see Innoslate continue towards that vision.”

Chris Ritter, Director of Software, gives a full demonstration of all these exciting new features:

  • SysML Support
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Activity Diagram
    • State Machine Diagram
    • Internal Block Diagram
    • Package Diagram
    • Parametric Diagram
    • Block Definition Diagram
    • Requirement Diagram
    • Structure Diagram
  • New Import/Export
    • Document Importer
    • Excel Importer
    • CSV and XML Export
    • SVG Export
  • Advanced Search Engine
    • Complex Boolean Expressions
    • Number Wildcards
    • Searching for Diagrams
    • Attributes Searching
  • Software Development Kit
    • Query any Innoslate database
    • Write directly to any Innoslate database
    • Render a diagram from an Innoslate project database

The new features will be released in early April.

Click here to watch the full length webinar video.

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Questions and Answers

Below are some questions that were asked during the presentation:

  • Q: What do you mean bidirectionality? In UML/SySML they don’t have the direction?

    • A: When you build a diagram in Innoslate, we’re automatically updating the schema. This will automatically generate other diagrams. This is a special feature in Innoslate that allows you to switch from LML to SysML and back.

  • Q: Does the SDK include an API for manipulating SysML blocks and connections?

    • A: Yes, but you will use the LML schema to do that.

  • Q: The diagrams look very similar to SysML diagrams but there appear to be some differences. Have these diagrams been verified against the SysML standard?

    • A: Currently, we’ve done our own internal verification of SysML with the beta version. In the future, we will have the diagrams verified against the SysML standard.

  • Q: Do you have to start from the Sequence Diagram in SysML or can you start with an Activity Diagram (and get the Sequence Diagram for free)?

    • A: Yes, as long as you add the object nodes, you can start from the activity diagram and get the sequence diagram for free.

  • Q: How many of the new functions are available in the free version of Innoslate available to academia?

    • A: All the new features, except the SDK. We occasionally give waivers for certain situations.

  • Q: Can I use this search engine while I’m trying to add a relationship from within an entity?

    • A: Yes, you can. The new search engine works directly with an entity view.

  • Q: Is the User Guide updated to reflect the new features?

    • A: Yes, the new user guide will have all the new features.

  • Q: Do all actions and assets have history now?

    • A: Yes, they do.

  • Q: Does the Innoslate GUI allow me to just start drawing diagrams or do I have to create some type of other entity to which I attach diagrams?

    • A: Right now you use database view to build an entity or you can use the dashboard to create a diagram directly from the dashboard.

  • Q: Is there more detailed documentation of the doc importer or does the tool walk you through the import better?

    • A: There is new documentation and the import wizard will walk you through each step. With the new release we will be adding over 100 new pages of new documentation.

  • Q: The sequence diagram seems to only allow for instantaneous processing. It does not seem to allow for processing that takes time to complete. Is there a way to show if one of the swimlanes takes time to complete an activity?

    • A: The sequence diagram is not designed to show time. However, the new sequence diagrams use actions, so you can add time to these actions. This allows you to specify the durations in the new sequence diagrams.

  • Q: When I change one diagrams what happens to the others?

    • A: It will update all the diagrams in real time. For example, change the name on one diagram it will change all the diagrams.

  • Q: Are all the SysML diagrams interactive?

    • A: Yes, you can add all the SySML diagram directly within Innoslate.

  • Q: If I use SysML diagrams, how does that affect LML diagrams?

    • A: If you use SySML diagrams it will update the LML diagrams in real time.

  • Q: Is Innoslate SysML 1.3 compliant?

    • A: We’ve implemented most of the SysML features. What we’ve tried to do is build the easiest tool possible, so there are a few difference to continue towards the goal of making Innoslate an easy to use tool.

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