Decision Points in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Analyses

by Steven Dam Ph.D., ESEP

Most MBSE analyses tend to treat critical decisions needed by command and control, information assurance, and other disciplines as “ilities,” i.e. to be added on after the preliminary analysis has been developed.

This paper applies a new technique, the Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML), to capture these critical decision points as an integral part of the analysis. LML was developed to capture the information needed and model functional logic without the use of logical constructs.

The logical constructs are replaced by special functions that capture the decision points. These decision points are then allocated to command and control or other assets, as appropriate, thus identifying the functional requirements for operational decision makers.

By applying LML to systems engineering problems, we may be able to identify logic, design, and capability errors earlier in the design process, when correcting them is inexpensive.


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