Disaster Management

SPEC Innovations provides disaster management solutions for partnering nations. We support the full lifecycle of diaster management, from collecting data to monitoring progress towards improvement.


SPEC Innovations supports both U.S. Government and partner nations to comprehensively determine the current state of disaster management capabilities, develop disaster management plans, and monitor progress towards improvement.

We believe planning and operations should prevent disasters from becoming crises before they require large-scale contingency operations. Does the partnering nation have the capability to learn and the capacity to obtain and maintain the level of competency that they need to achieve the desired outcome? Measure of success answers this question.

We have developed web-based, worldwide accessible solutions to facilitate objective and measurable assessments used to help determine the capability, capacity, competency and self-sufficiency of a partner nation. These solutions also aim to reduce cost by offering a means for continuous monitoring and estimates of a partner nation’s readiness / resiliency level, thereby helping to determine if related foreign aid activites and resources received are actually improving the partnering nation’s competency and self-sufficiency.

Solutions for Disaster Management

  • Assessment of Disaster Readiness Tool (ADRT)

    ADRT is a strategic concept and framework, which includes a measurable baseline assessment of a designated partner nation’s disaster readiness/resiliency level, supported by a strategic Disaster Management (Response) Plan (DMP/DRP) for improvement.