Proposal Engineering

Proposal Engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical principles to design, construct and operate a cost-effective proposal development system. You will increase your odds of winning while lowering proposal production costs.



SPEC Innovations implements a disciplined proposal-engineering process to provide a fully compliant proposal and adds our technical and operational expertise to go beyond compliance and increase the probability of a win. Our team’s unique approach allows our clients to keep their personnel efforts for the customer, even while developing a proposal.

Experienced Management

SPEC Innovations’ professional proposal management can leverage our client’s existing resources and provide leadership to enhance their win probability.

Structured Reviews

SPEC Innovations enhances the structure of the review, providing review checklists and leading the discussion to provide more value from the expensive effort of reviewing proposals. Our team’s philosophy is to make these reviews valuable to the writers.

Winning Packages

SPEC Innovations can provide a kickoff package that includes a requirements allocated outline, compliance matrix, page and volume layouts, wall cards and other materials to jump start our client’s proposal.


Proposal Engineering Solutions

  • Proposal Planning Package

    SPEC Innovations’ Proposal Planning Package reduces the time and cost of producing a complex proposal. We will jump start your proposal engineering process with a custom kit tailored to the requirements of your Request For Proposal (RFP).