Proposal Planning Package

SPEC Innovations’ Proposal Planning Package reduces the time and cost of producing a complex proposal. We will jump start your proposal engineering process with a custom kit tailored to the requirements of your Request For Proposal (RFP).

  • Phase One: Getting Started

    • Kickoff Briefing:

      At the initial proposal kickoff presentation, a proposal expert will review your client requirements, gather data, and review proposal requirements.

    • Outlines:

      Our team of technical writers prepares various outlines including the Proposal Outline, Proposal Requirements Outline, and Page/Volume Outline to help your organize.

    • Page and Volume Layouts:

      Our team creates the overall layout of your proposal including text and image suggestions.

  • Phase Two: Compliance Check

    • Compliance Matrix:

      Our team uses a customized compliance matrix to check your proposal’s requirements, pages, and sections to ensure compliance with the requirements of the RFP.

    • Reverse Matrix:

      Our team prepares a Reverse Matrix by section to ensure compliance with the requirements of the RFP.

  • Phase Three: Review

    • Review Form:

      Our team prepares and conducts a review to include a Score Sheet for Compliance and a Proposal Review Form.

    • Checklists:

      Our team prepares the final checklist for your proposal. Your proposal expert will review the final checklist with your team.