DoDAF 515: Developing Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)

This 2-day course provides an approach to developing concepts of operations using commercial tools and techniques.


Who should attend this course?

Technical personnel interested in developing CONOPS more efficiently and effectively.

What does this course cover?

This 2-day course covers the following topics:

  • What is a CONOPS?

    Our instructor provides definitions of CONOPS, including what information a CONOPS should contain. Also includes the relationship and importance of the architecture development to CONOPS development. A process and sample problem are introduced as well during this part. The sample problem will be used throughout the course to reinforce the information presented. The sample problem will be worked in groups as a competition or, for smaller group, as a class.

  • How do we validate the mission scope and system boundary?

    Our instructor provides methods for defining the scope and system boundary using mission needs, goals and objectives, along with an operational context diagram.

  • How do we describe the system's operational environment, primary constraints, and drivers?

    Our instructor provides the means to describe the operational environments, constraints, and design drivers using the sample problem.

  • How do we develop operational scenarios and timelines?

    Our instructor provides a technique to develop a reasonable number of scenarios that describe the breadth and depth of the mission space. Analysis of the scenarios ensures they are executable.

  • How do we synthesize, analyze, and assess key implementing concepts for the system and its elements?

    Our instructor provides a method to synthesize solutions, analyze and assess those solutions to implement them for the system and its elements. Includes discussion of functional analysis vs. object analysis in developing solution, as well as DOTMLPF.

  • How do we document the CONOPS and the System's operational architecture?

    Our instructor provides an outline for the CONOPS and describes the possible DoDAF products that support the documentation.

  • How do we validate and baseline the system's operational architecture?

    Our instructor demonstrates the use of executable models, operational demonstration master plan and other verification techniques.


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