DoDAF 301: Executive Overview of DoDAF

This half-day course provides an overview of DoDAF Version 2.02 and the principles needed to manage the development of a complete, defensible architecture.

Who should attend this course?

Personnel who are interested in managing architecture developments.

What will this course cover?

This half-day course covers the following topics:

  • What is the role of the executive in architecture development?

    Our instructor discusses the roles of the executive/manager in leading or overseeing the architecture development project.

  • What is an architecture, and what is the DoD Architecture Framework?

    Our instructor explains what the Department of Defense means by developing an architecture and how the DoDAF defines what an architecture should consist of.

  • What policies drive the requirements for the DoD Architecture Framework?

    Our instructor describes which key policy documents drive the requirements for DoDAF, such as Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), and DoD 5000.

  • What’s missing from the DoD Architecture Framework?

    Our instructor describes the missing pieces of the DoDAF (lack of methodology, lack of metrics, missing comparison tools, etc.)

  • What techniques, processes and tools should be used to develop architectures?

    At a high level, our instructor discusses the available techniques, processes and tools for building architectures that can be documented using DoDAF.

  • How can we better communicate the results of our architecture?

    Our instructor discusses the means to communicate architecture results to a wide array of interested parties.


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