DoDAF 201: Introduction to Systems Engineering and DoDAF

This 2-day course provides an introduction to techniques, processes, and tools for conducting systems engineering.


Who should attend this course?

Personnel new to systems engineering or those in need of a more structured approach to performing systems engineering.

What will this course cover?

This 2-day course will cover the following topics:

  • What is systems engineering?

    Our instructor provides an explanation of systems engineering, how it has evolved over time and the benefits of following established systems engineering processes.

  • What techniques can we use?

    Our instructor describes, in detail, the various techniques for systems engineering, including IDEF modeling, Structured Analysis (SA), object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD), and behavioral modeling.

  • What tools are available?

    Our instructor discusses the pros and cons of the current set of tools available for systems engineering.

  • What processes do we need?

    Our instructor describes the processes needed for systems engineering, including requirements analysis, trade studies, functional analysis and allocation, scenario development, and synthesis of the design solution.

  • How can we apply the techniques, tools and processes to a systems engineering problem?

    The group discusses how to apply the established techniques, tools and processes to a sample problem.

  • How can we better communicate the results of our systems engineering?

    Our instructor discusses the means to communicate the results of systems engineering to a wide array of interested parties.


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